Our Story

As legends are told in most literature on Maple Sugaring, Native Americans
discovered the sweet water of the Maple tree by shear accident but once discovered it rapidly became a very desired substance. Native Americans began to find various methods of collecting and cooking the sweet water. These methods were later adopted and refined by early colonists.

In the mid 1970’s, the Mashantucket Pequot Tribe began a series of projects in order
to attain economic self-sufficiency. This included the sale of firewood, a swine
project, vegetable gardens, hydroponic greenhouse, and the production and sale of
maple syrup.
The art of Maple Sugaring has continued to be passed down from generation to
generation, including here in Mashantucket where the production and sales of maple
syrup continues each year. Though refining tools and techniques may have been
technologically improved throughout the years, many of the same fundamental
harvesting practices have remained the same.
We take pride in being able to pass down our traditions to our youth and they love to
be involved in the maple syrup process and participating in our Sugar Shack events.
They get to learn hands on the culture and traditions of our ancestors while learning
useful life skills.